Filk Girl
Filk Girl

With lots of lyrics and poems!

The following isn't all filk. Most of it is PIETRY which is fantasy inspired poetry.
Some of it can be sung [by someone who can sing - not me!] to various tunes.

A dedication to thank all the filkers who let me join in!
Waiting Game
The Tam Lynn story...but from the Fairy Queens' point of view - Now put to music by Brenda Sutton!

The Vanishing
Another spooky tale...

The Undead Folk Song
A lot of dead people seem to sing folk songs!

Wild Hunt
Inspired by the stories of the ghostly wild hunt all over Europe.
Dedicated to Talis, A brilliant filk artist, visit her page!
Dave Weingart has written some music to this so visit his page too! Dave

The Mediator
This is based on one of my own characters invented about 25 years ago [!] and I didn't mean to be so mean to him, it just happened.
Mitch Sampson wrote some lovely haunting music for this and you can find her page by clicking here!

Waiting Words
A book on Siberia telling how the sounds of prisoners could still be heard in the ice made me write this

Jack in the Green
Versions of the Green Man appear throughout history, here's mine.

The Costumers's Song
This song mentions many of costume fandom, thinly disguised!

Danse Macabre

l decided all those songs about Femme Fatale weren't nearly nasty here to see what I mean;

The Ecstacy of Flight
A song for various heros and heroines who lost something wonderfull

Jurassic Park Picnic
Well the film wasn't meant to be serious...was it?

The Scent of Roses
A ghost story with a twist!

The Fields That We Know
Inspired by one of my very favorite books, The King Of Elfland's Daughter, by Lord Dunsany.

Serial Folk Killer
And this is just silly, but he must be out there, everone sings about him!

Love Song for Filkers...
I admit it, it is a love song!

Sisters Three
A 'fate full' song for Gwen.

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